Attaching the wishbones to the Differential

This needs two sets of hands as you need to align the wishbones pretty well on both sides as the tolerance is tight. You need to ensure that the thrust bearings on either side of the bearings remain in position. I found that it helped the grease the bearings well so they stuck together. I also used the lower shock shaft to hold the bearings in place whilst I pushed the full shaft through from the other side. This is a bit fiddly so having an extra set of hands were needed. I used the original inner fulcrum shaft as it was in good order but I used new nylon nuts.IMG_0100_2

One I had both sides attached I could fit the remaining brackets from the kit to attach the IRS assembly to the chassis. This was harder than it sounds as you need to man handle the diff, brakes and now wishbones to get access to the fixings under the diff brackets. Again having my son help me here was invaluable. We found that the holes in the bottom plate did not align completely perfectly so getting the bolts to fit the thread was a little problematic. With patience we finally made it and did not resort to drilling out the holes, which had crossed my mind in frustration!

2 responses to “Attaching the wishbones to the Differential

  1. Good progress during the holiday !, and like me its good to get your lad involved in the build. We’ll have to meet up for a track day soon ?

    • Thanks Bill. For sure a track day one day! Let’s see where I am this time next year, hopefully the car will be in good shape! Happy new year!

      Make of today the best it can be!


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