The seats are a little more complicated than I would have hoped! The FIA bucket seats do not pass the IVA so I needed to source seats with head restraints to do that. Fortunately after quite while looking I found two MX5 seats on eBay that would fit well. MX5 works so well because they are sat very low in the car and so look good in the cobra.

I decided to install the buckets first so that I only had to drill the holes for those seats, I would find a way to fit the MX5 seats in the same holes!

For the bucket seats you need to make them to fit where you want them. They are made of pieces of aluminium that you need to attach to the square sub frames.

Making the bucket seats

Making the bucket seats


I clamped the plates in order to drill the frame. There are no instructions on how to do this, Gerry talked me through it when I collected the seats! I suspect that I may have to change them once they are in the car and uncomfortable!!





Plates fitted

Plates fitted

Buckets fitted

Buckets fitted


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