Installation of the engine and gearbox!

The Engine and T5 gearbox turned up from Roadcraft on Friday. With the help of a mates Engine crane we were able to have the engine and gearbox installed in just a few hours. We actually installed the engine and then added the gearbox, which we a little tricky even with the body off! In hindsight it may have been easier to have combined the engine and gearbox before placing into the chassis as aligning the box would have been much easier. Having said that it didn’t take long and by jacking up the engine a wee bit you get good access.

I chose the Ford T5 box as they were used in the later Cobras so is authentic use, plus with 5 gears it will allow motorway speeds feel a lot more comfortable. The engine is a 1986 302 block with performance Edelbrock heads and a 600cfm Edelbrock carburettor . Brian from Roadcraft suggested the lower level carb as it will perform better at lower speeds. If I was doing a lot of 5k rpm running then the higher 750 may have been worth having…that is not intended!

IMG_0046_2 IMG_0053_2 IMG_0057_2

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