Engine nearly ready for delivery

I took a very short trip to Roadcraft to see Brian and the engine he has been building for me. I needed to make the last few choices to the specification. Brian has been talking with Gerry on some of the details, specifically around the height in the engine bay and choices on intake and air filter etc. I have chosen a 302 block with forged crank with high performance heads. One of the choices was around the carburettor. Although Holley’s would have been a little more authentic I have gone with the Edelbrock 600cfm  these are more reliable and easier to set up than the Holley’s. At some stage I may change once I know more, but to start I am going the safer route. The option was the higher 750cfm but after discussion with Brian we felt the lower volume actually would aid the engines lower end response. Its all about air/fuel flow speed and the higher volume carb would struggle low down. So if I was running the car at 5k plus revs then the 750 would make sense, but other than the track days that will not be the case. I also chose the upgraded flywheel. It was interesting to learn from Brian that because of the forged crank and its extra weight it was balanced with 28 oz external weight rather than the normal 302 balance of 50 oz. 289 engines were 28 oz so that was pleasing! The final selection was around the water pump and whether to go for the upgraded Alloy version – it was a no brainer too and went for the upgrade!

I need to work out how to install it now! Roadcraft have also supplied the T5 gearbox and clutch. After discussion around choices of clutch I have stayed with the original spec and not taken the stronger version. At around 300bhp and for mostly road use the standard if fine and will have an easier pedal push to the upgraded version.

It will be a major milestone when I take delivery in a couple of weeks time.

Shows the Edelbrook 289 performance intake

Shows the Edelbrock 289 performance intake

Forged crank and performance pistons, ready for the sump!

Forged crank and performance pistons, ready for the sump!

Ready for final additions

Ready for final additions

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