Oil Cooler

The FIA was fitted with a oil cooler that its infant of the radiator in the lower opening. The kits comes with all the pipes and auxiliaries to fit, including a remote oil filter fitting.

Oil kit complete

Oil kit complete

It was straightforward to fix on the most part. The most difficult part was running the pipes without twisting them and so restricting the flow. They certainly did not want to rotate which is needed to align the fittings.









Temporary cable ties for runs

Temporary cable ties for runs

The remote Oil Filter housing will certainly make it easy to change the filter! I have used cable ties just to he hold the oil pipes temporarily until I decide what to do with them. I guess I could use large P Clips. I will decide later!








I have run the oil pipes under the radiator, it appeared to be the easier route. Certainly gives the from of the car a distinctive look!

2015-05-17 17.57.54 2015-05-17 17.57.20

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