Steering Column

I bought a steering column over the internet. I needed a old MGB version to fit the car. It duel came and I refurbished it as best I could giving the outer section a coat of paint etc. Gerry supplies two UJ and a small section of volume to connect from the footwell to the rack itself as part of the kit. To fit the column I needed to offer it up through a hole cut in the footwell. The hole is easy to drill as it is in the centre of a recess for that purpose at the top LHS of the footwell. The kit comes with the bracket to attached the head of the column to the dashboard housing. I located this right in the middle on the theory that I am of average size and would not need to adjust specifically for my driving position. Once the outer column is located you can feed in the column itself. At this point you need to set the final position. To do this you need to have added the steering wheel boss to ensure it all fits correctly. I had purchased the indicator stork, boss and steering wheel from Gerry. It comes with a short aluminium piece that fits over the end of the outer column and makes for a very clean and lovely finish!

Loosely connect the column to the mounting bracket.

Loosely connect the column to the mounting bracket.



You can see the ‘T’ piece fitted to the dashboard mount using 2 bolts. The column is held via a ‘U’ clamp that can be adjusted for height. I will do that later when I have the dashboard offered up.








Aluminium boss and indicator stork offered up

Aluminium boss and indicator stork offered up



Once you have this offered up and the assembly fits correctly taking into account the dashboard. You can move into the engine bay and adjust the 2 UJ and connecting rod for alignment.




I needed to remove a little off the end of the MGB column to prevent it catching within the top UJ. I also had to remove a little from the connecting rod for the same reason. It is obviously important to make sure the steering operate smoothly and without restriction. It took a couple of times to get it where I wanted it.


Top UJ

Top UJ




Make sure it does not foul the footwell.




2015-05-03 16.44.41 2015-05-03 16.44.33




Connecting rod and lower UJ now all connected.

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