Connecting the pedal box and final fixing brakes

I had run the brake lines a while ago and now had to finish them by connecting to the master cylinders which are fitted to the back of the pedal box.

It  was quite of a fiddle to get the pipes bent without any kinks. The Clutch being very straightforward as it has a banjo fitting.

The pedal box bolts directly through the floor and chassis with 4 bolts. The floor in the body is not level at that point so you need to in fill to get the box to align nicely to the bulkhead as seen from the engine bay. I have not done the final fix of this as yet.

At the same time I installed the reservoir for the brakes and clutch. There are three as the brakes are separated from and rear to meet SFA requirements of dual systems.

Reservoir and bracket

Reservoir and bracket

Brake and clutch lines finished

Brake and clutch lines finished


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