Steering rack

Having competed the front hubs and connected the brakes I tried to get the alignment about right on the steering rack! What a problem! Having screwed in the adjustment fully home the wheels still looked like a penguin! What could I have done wrong? I rechecked everything, from the steering arms being the right way up, the MG manual as to if the ball joints were above or below the steering arms, none of it solved the solution. I concluded the only solution was to trim the steering rack ends, but why would that be?

I thought for a couple of days thinking I had made some other rudimentary error before finally empaling Gerry! He let me know as I had the tubular suspension upgrade I would need to trim the rack each side by about 3/8th of an inch!!! I am not sure if I had forgotten him telling that or whether he had forgotten.

It doesn’t really matter the key piece is that I cut an amount off bother sides and now the wheel actually look like they will roll straight!! Lesson learnt. felt good though to have the front end fully built and ready for the clutch pipe and fuel lines to be fitted before the engine gets put in place!!IMG_0322 IMG_0202_2

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