Brake lines run – rear

Given the delay with completing the hubs – mixture of work, spares parts and availability – I have worked on the brake lines. First decision was to buy the kit from Gerry or source the bits myself. I decided I would source them and ended up getting most of the components from Demon Tweeks. I did take a while working out what I needed to buy, but then that was always part of the reason for doing the kit anyway – learning!! There are a lot of different systems on the market, especially if you look at the racing options! I decided to stay traditional with solid 3/16th copper pipe. I also purchased a flaring tool which has worked very well.

Rear Brake runs

There is not much space around the calipers and that is with the body off. Once the body is back on it will be very tight in there. One thing to do is to run the bleed valves away from the calliper making it much less of a fiddle when i do finally add some fluid. You will see I decided to run those into the wheel arches for ease of access but where they will also be fairly well protected.

I have seen the pipe run done a couple of ways on other blogs. I choose to in the way shown as it appeared easier to do and gave only quite large radius bends. I also ran to the front of the car from the left hand side of the 3-way rather than the lower feed.T his is not how it is shown in the manual.



I had already made the connection before spotting that, but i am sure it will still work fine. It also made it easier in my mind to feed the closer calliper.

From reading other blogs I went for the stainless steel rubber P Clips for locating the pipe. These look great and add another layer of protection to the pipe and hold it nicely off the chassis. I remembered to make sure I had then no more than 20cm between them to meet the IVA requirements.

This shows the run from the 3 way down to the chassis riders. It took a bit of time making sure the pipe did not have any residual strain in it, i.e. it just wanted to stay where it was because the shape was right.


IMG_0173_2 This shows the rubber gromets I have used in the pre cut holes in the outriggers. I cut a hole in the middle and shaped the pipe to be roughly in the middle. That way it is well away from any potential chaffing.






IMG_0176_2 This shows the bleed valve run out to the wheel arch. I spent a lot of time thinking where the best position would be for this, I am hoping this will work ok. It am missing some P Clips so have ores another pack so this is not shown fully complete as yet.


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