Ride Height?

How do I set the ride height? I have chosen the fully adjustable from and rear suspension. This may be an extravegance and does introduce some additions worries – such as ride height! The springs are relatively small compared to normal road cars so I have not yet found a set of spring compressors to fit safely. As such I cannot accurately set each over spring shock to the same adjustment and therefore ride height. Besides without the car getting its full weight I have no clue what the position should be!

I guess I will set as best I can for now and adjust later once the car is pretty much completed! 

One response to “Ride Height?

  1. Hi John,
    Looks like you’ve got similar dampers/shocks to me (GAZ ?) I set my ride height after the car was on the ground and nearly fully built so the weight was more or less final. Setting the ride height was fairly simple, I set 4 axle stands around the car and a length of string around them and the car at the height I wanted. I used the centre of the wheel hubs as a datum point, then adjusted the shocks to the height on each wheel by turning the large ring under the spring with a “C” spanner or knocking it round with a punch and hammer, the latter a couple of times at the end as the springs where tight and my arm had given up at the end of the day. Then locking the ring with the grub screw.
    Hope this helps ?

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